The Maroush Group, since its inception, has always sought to work with the best suppliers and
ingredients and much of the cuisine, that it has been the UK culinary evangelist for over 40 years, is and
always will be, plant based.

We also are proud of the communities that we have grown up and continue to operate in and seek
to be a good and responsible citizen within them.
We wholeheartedly and unreservedly support the UN sustainability goals, and have a plan to address,
with authentic and effective programmes, each one, with at least one project for each, sponsored by its
board of directors.
Our Board of directors has, for example, always supported gender equality, and has led by example
with its board make up, and so continues to support gender equality it all its forms and expressions.
Our sustainability program is a journey, and we are determined to have very honest and realistic
conversations with our stakeholders, about where we are on these programs, and where we need to
do better.
As a business, we put people and the planet first, and with good governance, driven by stakeholder
support, seek to profit for our business and the communities we serve.


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