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Traditionally the Lebanese identity has been defined by a combination of food, music and dance. Lebanese culture and traditions are celebrated at haflis (parties), mahrajans (feasts), and by musical groups playing the traditional five-stringed instrument, the oud.
Lebanon has a lively arts scene, both traditional and contemporary. The national dance, the dabke, is an energetic folk dance. Classical belly dancing still plays an important role at weddings, representing the transition from virgin bride to sensual woman, and is also popular in nightclubs.
The Arabic word "Sahar" translates as "entertainment" - particularly entertainment performed at night. It conjures up images of sitting around with friends and family beneath the stars enjoying a great feast, followed by music and dancing which last well into the early hours of the morning.
Live music and entertainment take place at Maroush I at Edgware Road, Maroush V at Vere Street and Sidi Maarouf, please call ahead for details.