Beirut Express is famous for it’s classic mezze restaurants and Lebanese ‘good time’ attitude; Beirut Express is no different, fast-paced, spirited and overwhelmingly friendly, a true insight into the cultural roots of Beirut. Our kind and knowledgeable staff always do their up most to ensure your visit is the best it can be. We use completely fresh Shawarma meat every day, prepared using a marinating process that has been carefully perfected over the years. Beirut Express is interactive, our dedicated and highly skilled chefs pride themselves in providing you with the unique meal you had in mind. Whether you’re sitting down to a relaxed dinner or rushing in for a quick self-serve lunch, the high level of effort, passion and skill that goes into the creation of your meal is incomparable.

Near: Marble Arch, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Edgware Road and not far from Marylebone High Street and Mayfair