The Making Of The Perfect Shawarma

So many of you have asked us what makes a shawarma at Maroush so tasty and so different from the rest?

Well, for starters, Maroush has its own central butchery. We source the best of British lamb which we use in our lamb shawarma, while only whole chickens go into the Maroush chicken shawarma that have absolutely no water added to them.

We also have our own butchers who expertly cut the meat that goes onto the skewers. But before the skewers are prepared, our meat is marinated in a special mix of the highest quality herbs, spices and oils. Only the freshest of ingredients are used in this marinate, a marinating process that we’ve perfected over thirty years.

Once the meat is ready, the skewers are prepared. Getting the density of the meat on the skewers right is very important because getting it wrong would affect the cooking later as well as the taste. Again, our experience in this shows…in the special taste of our sandwiches!

Next in the process of serving the perfect shawarma, is the daily supply of fresh skewers to all our branches where they are cooked before your eyes by our experienced chefs. Yes, we do so every day: We never serve stale meat.

But this is not all, because then comes the cutting of the meat: Here is where the skills of our expert carvers come into their own. Cut it too thin and the meat won’t taste right, cut too deep and you might cut into meat that needs a bit more cooking. Our carvers must and always do get it just right.

Then comes the preparation of your sandwich—in a freshly baked loaf of Lebanese bread of course. Here is where you can have it your way. You may prefer your shawarma plain, or perhaps you’d like us to add chilli sauce or extra pickles to our truly generous portions of meat. You may prefer more (or no) garlic or would like more lettuce and tomatoes…we’re just happy to oblige.

The final step, of course, is for you to enjoy your irresistibly succulent Maroush chicken or lamb shawarma…!

The best there is.  Just for you.